Friday, November 18, 2016

Inspiration comes from strange places

Hello, Lovelies!

Lately I've hit a huge nail art block, if you follow me on Instagram you can see all of the swatching and stamping I've posted in the past couple of weeks, not a lick of freehand in sight. I did just paint a simple flower design I've yet to post, but that's about it :(

I've been so busy with work, moving, the holidays, and life in general that I haven't been spending nearly as much time online as I used to, I was getting most of my ideas from sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, or even just browsing clothing shops or Amazon. Some of my best floral designs are based off fabric prints I saw on Ikatbag or dresses off of Amazon, or I've also found some great inspiration from prints on bags, like  this small bag.
I decided to go through my past mani pics on Picasa and put together a collage inspired by some girls communion dresses, to try to break me out of this boring spiral of plain swatches. If you look at something with nail art in mind you can plan out a mani design from some pretty strange places.
For instance the sheer lace on the sleeves of the white communion dress below would be a great base for a mani, you could leave the base of the nail sheer and then stamp or freehand white detailing for the lace and build it up as you go down the nail.

Or going off the dress below you could use that 3D gel technique that was really popular a couple months back and instead of going with the usual sweater design, mimic the lace and pintucks of the skirt of this first communion dress. On a different note, the model really reminds me of the white queen from the new version of Alice in Wonderland, she's got that dainty hand gesture down pat.

I'm also starting to pin things to my nail board that aren't necessarily nail art; anything and everything that might look cute when turned into nail art, so then when I'm having a block I can just go through those pins and have a design already laid out for me. How do you come up with inspiration for your art? Or just how do you stay inspired in general?

See you later~

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